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S L Forsburg forsburg at nospamsalk.edu
Tue Jun 17 16:16:51 EST 1997

> From: matkisso at opal.tufts.edu

> *sigh* He can change your status, or you can work the legal 40. If you
> do
> anything different, you'll resent it.

We had this thread a while ago, about what is fair
to expect from a tech.  IMHO, Linnea is being exploited,
and that's not right.  In my lab, if my tech comes in
on the weekends it's only to inoculate a culture or
something. I am cool about him swapping time or
pulling a long day one day to make up for a short day
another--he works an honest 40 hours, that's what 
he's paid for, and he's not getting a degree at the 
end of it so there's no gain in working more for
free.  And I can't afford the overtime.  Techs get 
paid, students get degrees, and  postdocs get 
advanced training, that's the bargain.
It benefits the students and postdocs to work more
than the minimum, because of the downstream compensation.  
It doesnt benefit the tech in the same way.  And no one
likes feeling used.

What really annoys me is that these sorts of PIs 
continue to get away with it.  It's unfair and 
disrespectful and exploitive and WRONG.

I agree with Peg: Linnea should put her foot down.  Her
PI should classify her fairly, or she works 40 hours

And this time, please -- I am not insulting any techs out
there, I am instead respecting them by expecting their
work to be compensated fairly.  So please don't flame me again!

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