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aloisia t schmid a-schmi at
Tue Jun 17 23:38:35 EST 1997

Dear Group,

     After having read the rest of the postings regarding Linnea's quandary and
especially Susan's excellent replies, i want to add one thing.  

      I was a tech before I went to grad school and I had a really excellent 
mentor/boss, with whom i am still close friends.  Anyway, I did alot of EM
in those days, and that often required long days of lengthy fixation and
embedding protocols. He used to enjoy the idea of me working long hours
I think he felt it showed what an excellent choice he had made in hiring me.
It was nothing personal or anything, I think it jsut made him feel like a good 
manager to be able to select people willing to go above and beyond the call of 
duty.  However.  He also recognized his responsibilities to me.  So when it
came time to go to meetings, he always always always sent me to them, even
to the small prestigious ones that techs didn't usually go to, because he
said that the university tied his hands in terms of how much he could pay
me, but he COULD send me to meetings and he felt that I should be able to
go to alot of them.  Furthermore, when I had worked alot of hours in a
week, he said, 
"I think you should take a day off to compensate for your recent over-time."  
So I did.  

      Linnea's boss sounds like an idiot.  Unless there is some other
satisfaction she gets in working for someone who undervalues her, I would
suggest she pack her excellent skills and go elsewhere.  Excellent
technicians are not easy to come by.

       So if I have assumed that a seniour research specialist is a
technician incorrectly, i apologize, but if that IS a technician, then for
God's sake Linnea, email me, and I'll send you my old boss' name!  Now HE
would be deserving.  Your boss, on the other hand......


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