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matkisso at matkisso at
Wed Jun 18 11:23:15 EST 1997

Any employee worth a hoot will go the distance for a boss that they know
appreciates them.  When I left my first tech job (where I'd had the problem),
I moved to another lab where my role and the expectations were more openly
discussed at the beginning.  My relationship with the PI was very good, and
I_knew_ I was appreciated.  

I did the nights and weekends, but also took off a few afternoons for voice
lessons, or a day here and there for a symposium.  I also got very nice
christmas presents...  It was a very good situation, where I gave my best, and
always felt valued by the PI.

But I was the same way when I was a stagehand.  Anyone who's any good will work
harder for an appreciative boss.


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