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Wed Jun 18 12:59:36 EST 1997

Susan Hogarth wrote:

> You don't have a penis, but I suppose you feel right about saying that
> rape is unequivocally wrong, don't you?
> *pondering the logic here* does the possesion of a penis entitle one to define 
rape? Who knows better about rape than the one that it is being acted 
upon?..and why limit it to penises? why rule out anything longer than it is 
wide? People have been imaginative with respect to the tool utilized in rape 
for milenia. All sorts of orifices are raped of all genders...*gasp* even those 
with penises fall victim. The possession or the lack there of a penis is in no 
way dinfinitive in a discussion of rape. Further, the discussion of rape as 
some sort of extrapolated debate on the uterus reference holds up poorly. 

> Sorry to stray so far off-topic, and I don't want to get into a
> reproductive-rights discussion, but it certainly doesn't help the
> "dialogue" about abortion if *you* percieve it as a "control issue"
> while *they* are percieving it as a "moral issue".

moral-shmoral, that is the weakest of positions to come from. Why should i 
allow "them" to cast the "abortion" debate in the morals light? It is simply a 
matter of control issues. Morality implies the acceptance of quite a vast 
dogmatic infrastructure that not all of us in this debate have agreed to. I 
have not nor will I ever. There is simply no Imminent Domain over my uterus by 
ANYONE. period. No man woman nor especially any church will claim in any way 
control over my reproductive determinism. 
	But this is really digression from Alice's post and I feel if a reply 
must be made to this post it should be taken to a much more appropriate 
newsgroup, say, alt.abortion.debate or what ever exists for such a 


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