Crusades for saving Grant Money?

Susan Hogarth sjhogart at
Wed Jun 18 09:33:21 EST 1997

A little Devil's Advocate here:

Diane Carlisle wrote:

> I occasionally get frustrated talking to other graduate students in labs
> with lots of money.  I know one student that in order to get finished with
> her project faster, and get her degree, sends much of her work out to be
> done, and just puts results together.  If she needs a Northern, she takes
> the RNA, buys the probes, and sends it off.  Same if she needs a Western,
> etc.  I know that I'm learning more than she is, and (hopefully) this will
> show later when we're applying for post-docs and beyond. 

Are you *certain* you're learning more than she is? More of the
*important* things?


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