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perp's in our lab space

Susan Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Jun 19 11:08:59 EST 1997

MPalacios wrote:
> Susan Hogarth wrote:
> > You don't have a penis, but I suppose you feel right about saying that
> > rape is unequivocally wrong, don't you?

> *pondering the logic here* does the possesion of a penis entitle one to define
> rape? Who knows better about rape than the one that it is being acted
> upon?... 

Umm, that was actually my *point*. All I was trying to say is that once
abortion is defined as killing, it becomes pretty clear to a certain
segment of people that it is wrong.
> > Sorry to stray so far off-topic, and I don't want to get into a
> > reproductive-rights discussion, but it certainly doesn't help the
> > "dialogue" about abortion if *you* percieve it as a "control issue"
> > while *they* are percieving it as a "moral issue".
> moral-shmoral, that is the weakest of positions to come from. Why should i
> allow "them" to cast the "abortion" debate in the morals light? It is simply a
> matter of control issues. Morality implies the acceptance of quite a vast
> dogmatic infrastructure that not all of us in this debate have agreed to.

Well, I *do* agree with you - but my point was that *communication* is
Not Enhanced by a refusal to attempt to understand "their" language.
This is of course a failing on both "sides"....

> I
> have not nor will I ever. There is simply no Imminent Domain

<giggle> I think you mean "eminent domain" :-)

> over my uterus by

Fine. As I said, I don't wish to debate abortion. I was only pointing
out that the issue means different things to different people.

>         But this is really digression from Alice's post and I feel if a reply
> must be made to this post it should be taken to a much more appropriate
> newsgroup, say, alt.abortion.debate or what ever exists for such a
> conversation.

Blech. How 'bout we just drop it altogether. I hate nothing more than
arguing with someone I *agree* with.

"Cow envy is more common than you would think." - doghair

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