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matkisso at wrote:

>Dr. Forsburg has commented on the number of _extrememly_ well funded labs.  It
>makes me think of Hughs labs that also have large RO1 grants, or labs
>with >2 big RO1's.  Is it justifiable when young investigators are having
>trouble getting even smaller grants?  I hate to sound Marxist, but it could be
>seen as a bit of a wealth distribution problem.

	I am a post-doc in a Hughes lab, and according to my P.I., it is
almost impossible to get an NIH grant when one is a Hughes investigator.
So, I'm surprised if there really are Hughes labs that also have large RO1
grants (unless they are just the tail-end of grants that were obtained
before being appointed to Hughes).  I believe my P.I. also turned in most
of her grants after being appointed to Hughes - just kept one going to pay
grad students and others that Hughes won't pay.  Incidentally, this is one
problem for Hughes investigators:  it's hard to find a way to pay grad
students, because of the difficulty getting other funding and the fact that
Hughes won't pay for them.



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