sexism in Sweden revisited..

Kimberley Snowden kcsnowden at
Thu Jun 19 13:00:59 EST 1997

lkista at UNM.EDU (Linnea Ista) wrote:
>Perhaps *I* was misinterpretting, but I thought the comments were more
>along the lines of "And that is in *Sweden* were they are more progressive
>on social issues. If it is that bad there, it must be worse here!"
>Perhaps I was not reading closely?

>Linnea (who despite the name has no ties with Scandanavia what so ever).

I realise many people did react the way you mention, but I have also
noticed reactios in the way I first mentioned - that some people think
because it's not the US, that it couldn't be the same here.  For some
of those people, I was just offering a comparison between the two
countries in a different area.  


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