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Relationships within your discipline

Sat Jun 21 14:43:52 EST 1997

Amanda Kesner wrtote:
  However, I'm in the opposite situation.  >I
>can go pretty much wherever I want if I want to do bio or biotech work.  

Both my husband and I are biologists, and outside of a few urban areas 
(Boston, New York, DC, California coast, Research Triangle) biotech jobs 
ARE NOT a dime a dozen.

>think our constraints will be much more where he can get a tenure-track
>position, even if it IS at Joe Blow U in Idaho (no offense). 

I only said this because we'd both love to go to the Pullman/Moscow area 
of Idaho, where there are 2 major universities.  But that means 2 tenure 
track positions, as there are NO biotech jobs in Idaho (if I'm 
wrong,please correct me and tell me where to send my application!)


I agree there are no easy answers-my husband's tenure track, I'm 
finishing grad school in a few months through a collaborative 
arrangement that I was able to work out when he got a tenure track 
position 2000 miles from the university where we met and it was obvious 
there'd be >3 years apart.  But now my postdoc options are limited by 
that decision-there is one university I can postdoc at within an hour 
and half commute of his.  Because of that, we've agreed that when job 
hunting time comes for me, we both apply.  If we can work something out, 
fine (and we will be in the minority, unfortunately).  If not, then "the 
better deal wins".  We can agree to this because he's not exceedingly 
happy with the university he's at (he took the job because it was an 
offer that came as post-doc grant ran out and has found that a lot of 
the verbal promises were just that), and so he can see follow-my-wife as 
an excuse to leave.  I'm not sure what we'd do if he loved his 

Julia Frugoli
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