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Sun Jun 22 14:36:24 EST 1997

Bharathi said:
> My newsreader isn't letting me post (and driving me mad with an
> unquenchable desire to post), so, I've resorted to deja news.

Try out the bionet www server (  
I've given up on my local newsserver for women 
in bio  because it (the server) hiccups too 
often, so I'm becoming  more familiar with 
the bionet hypermail webserver. While the web 
interface isn't perfect, it's not too bad, and 
you can set a bookmark to go directly to  
women in bio of the  current month.  And, 
since it will sort  by date or by thread, 
it's easy to see what you've read,  and 
ignore what you don't want to.

Although (as you can see) I haven't quite figured
out teh reply function yet....if there is one!

Just a thought.

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