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Mon Jun 23 13:49:39 EST 1997

>Sure, women have had kids as late as 40.  Or 45.  And incidence of 
>defects goes up with age.  And incidence of infertility goes up with 
>While one should certainly wait to have kids when/if they are ready,
>anyone who is actively choosing to wait until their career is 
>should be aware of and accepting of the real, biological risks which
>accompany that decision.  It hardly seems fair for "the establishment" 
>expect that of us.  Which reminds me of the advice I got from an
>extablished female prof when I asked her what academic women can do 
>family/career conflicts.  She suggested that I should have had my kids 
>high school so that they would be in school themselves when I was ready
>for grad school. . .  I've chosen to have them in grad school.  We'll 
>where that gets me!

I'm laughing hysterically.  I took her advice almost-I had my kids pre 
college, the went to college, worked for a while, and went to grad 
school.  Now as I'm about to hit the mighty salary of a post-doc 
(sarcasm) I'm being hit with huge college loan bills for my kids-I 
haven't even started paying mine yet!  There is no "good" way-only 
different ways.......

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