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: : On the bias note...

: : Women are just as likely to rate women lower than men.  

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: : *sigh*  We do it to ourselves, too.

: : Peg.  

: Of course this is true.And that is the reason why girls do much better in 
: in schools with only girls. Because the teachers in the classrooms, male or 
: female would pay much more attention to the boys in mixed classes.
: This bias dissappears when only girls are present.
: And that is why I say: Judge women and men separately. I am sick and tired 
: of having to develop male attitudes and characteristics in order to 
: be able to make a career.
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I have to disagree on this one. They carried out a research on that same issues
and it found the boys asked more questions than girls in the classroom 
and in the workplace, I know because I have been in both places.
To be honest I had always found women who be themselves plus hardwork
are more succesfull than those who tried to copy male characteristics,
and to be successfull as a boss you need the respect and support of others
though it can be a problem for male and female employees to respect a
boss, for example a women boss who try to be man, or a male boss who try
and be a woman, it doesnt quite work out and human phsychology is to be
blamed. Incidentally I was faced with this dilemma, as an Oriental when
I assume a role of responsibility should I change my whole characteristic
to suite others under my management or should I chose to be myself
like I always had for the purpose of getting works done effectively?
I done it both ways and it did not take me long to find out the latter
was the best!


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