Relationships within your discipline

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Mon Jun 23 07:25:46 EST 1997

We've been living the two body problem for 5 years.  My partner-in-crime
is a computer programmer for neurobiology applications
(ex-high-energy-physicist), and I have a PhD in nutrition.  Our most
serious rows have been over where to live.  Nutrition jobs don't grow on
trees.  When I was applying for tenure-track positions I considered places
where he'd have a chance at jobs.  Lately he received an offer to go back
to Cornell as a full-time, semi-hard-money computer geek for the dept.  I
know for a fact there are no openings (tenure-track or otherwise) in the
nutrition dept.  In addition, there are at least 6 underemployed nutrition
PhD's in Ithaca that'd pounce on any opening that came up, including an
old undergrad roommate.  My current position was the best fit I found in
my job search, I'm getting grad students through, and I genuinely like my
colleagues.  I think he realized that our standard of living, modest as it
is, would take a nosedive if we moved back and hasn't brought it up of

It's not just intra-disciplinary relationships that cause hardship on the
jobs front.


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