Looking for advice on bio career

Cassandra Smith clsmith at SEWALL.BU.EDU
Sat Jun 28 20:58:28 EST 1997

The best way to break in is in person. Everyone is flooded with
letters and those are very hard to sort through. Do not depend on any
employment office.  Call the person or send your cv to a person whose
reserach you are interested in. You should clearly state what you are
interested in and why you have contacted the particluar individual. I am
flooded with applications and I can distinguish those that truly have
a personal interested in my research interest. 

Part of this is simply being persistent. Even if you have to take a
job not explicitly to your liking in the beginning it can lead to
other things. Eyes are on you and when you ask, or when someone needs
someone your name will come up if you hav ebeen responsible. In
university, I am always dealing with beginners....I try to chose those
that are motivated and love the science. That is so important to
success because science is so difficult. 

Ihope this helps

Cassandra Smith

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