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Sat Mar 1 06:53:26 EST 1997

Patricia S. Bowne wrote:
> Why do we accept that scientists
> just naturally are going to put in 60-80+ hours a
> week? Why do we train our grad students to expect
> this from themselves and others, when we all know
> it's a strike against women in the lab, at least as
> long as women expect to put in a lot of their time
> maintaining families?
> This 'do whatever it takes' attitude is one of the reasons
> so many women become techs instead of going on to be
> PIs; it was designed in a period when the scientist
> was assumed to be a man with a wife at home taking
> care of the kids. How long are we going to
> continue to buy into it?

Well, is it any different for any other profession? 
Law, for example?  Or medicine?  Or any high powered
creative line of work?

-- susan, as usual a devil's advocate.....  

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