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Mon Mar 3 16:14:07 EST 1997

>> Vanessa L. Artman wrote:
>> > 
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>> > 1.)  How does one prepare for general exams?  I'm much more nervous about
>> > this situation, because the committee members can ask me, theoretically,
>> > about anything. 
>Don't forget to consider your committee members' backgrounds.  Of course
>you can plan on getting questions from each one's field of expertise, but
>I remember getting a couple of questions from committee members based on
>their earlier research, i.e. they asked me questions related to topics
>they studied as postdocs or grad students.  
>Deb Britt

Before my general exams I met with each of my committee members and was
given different advise by each.  Dr. Murashigi (of Murashigi and Skoog)
called me in and gave me a list of questions he would ask.  I diligently
studied the list and was pleased he was the first questioner.  He then
proceeded to ask a question not on the list!  Needless to say I was rattled
but, that's the worst it got.  When I got stuck they walked me through the
question and I ended up passing 5-0 so, I survived and you will too.  I read
lots of general Plant Physiology texts and tried to anticipate questions
that each would ask about their speciality and it all worked out.

Good luck.  


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