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> So how do all you PIs out there handle it? Do you give your
> hard-working students a break when they want a vacation? If
> your student worked her tail off all during the school year but
> hadn't accrued 10 days of vacation and wanted to take
> two weeks off for her wedding during the summer (this is assuming
> you pay full-time during the summer), what would you do? Make the
> student take time without pay or just tell her to have a great time?

Of course I hesitate to post anything more, for fear of being
flamed again for unintentionally disparaging someone.... ;-)

My tech (who has a contract clearly different from that of LInnea)
accrues vacation time and sick time based on his time worked.  Pretty
standard stuff.  Day to day, if he has to stay late to finish
something he comes in late the next day, no biggie. If he needs to
go run an errand in the middle of the day, he stays later to make 
up for it.  I trust him to be honest about his hours and he trusts
 me to be fair.

My students and postdocs take the time they need.  It's a self-
regulating profession;  they know if they lose too long their
work suffers.  Mostly they tell me, "I'm taking a few days off"
or "we're going to stay over after the meeting", or yes, "I'm
getting married next summer."  Operative word here being "tell". 
I tell THEM to have a good time, and come back rested,
recharged,  and rarin' to go.

Their PI, on the other hand, just returned after 5 days away,
her first vacation in 3 years.  

-- susan

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