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> Their PI, on the other hand, just returned after 5 days away,
> her first vacation in 3 years.
> -- susan

What do you think would have happened if you had taken 5 days vacation
each of those 3 years, instead of only 5 days once in 3 years? Do you
think you would not have gotten a grant, been scooped by a competitor,
left your students in the lurch at a key time, or perhaps all of these?
Or perhaps it is simply that you love your work so that you would rather
be working than on a beach or climbing a mountain somewhere.

When I was in the workaholic mode (before I had kids and could afford
that luxury!), I didn't take much vacation and always stayed late, etc.
When I think back on that time, I suspect that I probably could have
taken a few days here and there with very little negative effect.  I
realize this might not be true for everyone, but I suspect it's true for
more than a few.

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