More $ for science research??

Cindy Hale chale at SAGE.NRRI.UMN.EDU
Wed Mar 12 10:37:19 EST 1997

Tuesday 3/11
I am passing along the following message, which I received from the national
AWIS office.

>"The following message is an important item for the scientific
>community, and we recommend that you forward it to those of your
>membership who can be reached by e-mail.  This is the first (this year)
>of what will be a  small number of "Congressional Alerts" during the
>first session of the 105th Congress.  We see a rare window of
>opportunity to help reverse the recent trend in congressional
>underappreciation of science.  We need our community to act vigorously
>and all together on a few select occasions to help this become
>possible.  The intent is to activate your "grass roots" scientific
>constituency to items where they can have a significant impact through
>direct contact with their own  members of Congress."
>                       Congressional Alert #97-1
>                          ********************
>A Senate Bill (S. 124 - National Research Investment Act of 1997) is
>being introduced that would authorize the doubling over a decade of most
>of the non-defense R&D budgets of the federal government. It was
>introduced by Senator Gramm(TX) and is co-sposored, at present, by
>Senators Hutchison(TX), Mack(FL) and Burns(MT). It is in line with the
>priority issues identified in 1997 by the Senate Republican Leadership.
>The sentiment expressed by the bill would be immensely strengthened if
>it had bi-partisan sponsorship and if it passed the Senate with a large
>majority.  As an authorization bill, it would provide strong support for
>the many corresponding appropriation bills that will come later. Members
>may wish to contact their own senators (by mail, FAX, phone or E-mail)
>and urge that they co-sponsor and support this bill. You can find your
>Senators' addreses, etc. on the web at

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