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> Okay, so I want to have a life outside from work - is that so bad? My friends
> who aren't into science think I'm crazy anyway - they also have jobs
they like,
> but they would never dream of spending 10 hours overtime every week on their 
> job for the pay I get. Actually, I think that's what drives so many women 
> away from science - the prefer being "whole" persons, beyond work. 
> Sure, I also know many people who are perfectly happy living a typical 
> "scientists life" - but why should these people be considered standard 
> or "normal" more than people outside science? 

Much of this standard is driven by the shortage of funding.  Those who are
able to spend more time and get additonal data often have stronger grant
applications.  Hence, the need to pressure lab personnel to spend more

This may be particularly striking in the current era because of the
different views men bring to child-rearing.  A typical male scientist 50
yrs old or older was much less involved in their childrens' lives than the
typical male scientist in the range 25-45 yrs old.  These senior
scientists often have little understanding or consideration for the family
demands of younger female and male scientists.  

B. Martin

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