Working hard

Marcia Elliott grimalkn at
Thu Mar 13 08:08:58 EST 1997

Being a workaholic (which some sociolgists define as working more than
55 hours a week) does not usually have its greatest rewards in
productivity, but rather in power; live at work and you will know
where all the bodies are buried.  Because science is such a
competitive field and is traditionally male, workaholicism has been
raised to a high virtue.  In a sane world, it would be merely an
annoying vice.

Constantly being sleep deprived courts depression, because denying
yourself such a basic need is such a strong dismotivator.  As my major
professor once told me, "Different people have different energy
levels."  I thought that was wise of her.

I might add that different people have different abilities in lots of
different areas.  Success in science is not only a function of hours
put in and intellegence, but of class, gender and race, of memory,
self-esteem and abiltiy to handle stress, of pure luck.   

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