Pregnancy and radiation?

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Thu Mar 13 19:56:23 EST 1997

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>      I could concentrate on writing the thesis during the late pregnancy
> and while at home with the baby. In Finland, we have to get 3-6
> publications and write a thesis before dissertation. Of course, writing
> something while at home with a little baby will not be easy but I am
> willing to try it.

Working on science while at home with the baby.  heh heh heh heh heh heh
Much easier in theory than in practice!!

I do not work with radioisotopes, so I cannot advise you on those hazards in
particular.  If you utilize the best precautions available, that's really the
best you can do.  With babies, one pretty much just has to wing it.  They're
really inconvenient, and expensive, and messier than one would have ever
expected.  They manage to make up for all of it anyway.

I compartmentalize my life.  When at work, I work very hard; at home, I'm
Mommy.  You may have to learn to live without a 60 hour work week,to plan
your experiments more carefully, and to accept a loss of several months
when the child is born.  I took 4 months off when my twins were born.

Good luck, Tarja.  I consider the decision to have had children a good
one.  My advisor was completely horrified, however.

Pat White.

> Regards,
> Tarja

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