Women Executives

Edith Read edith2 at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 16 00:25:02 EST 1997

sunny N stewart wrote:
> I have just met the most amazing woman.  She is the newly appointed
> Vice President of Startegic Development for AXIOM Biotechnologies.  She
> gave me the courage to try and go out there and make it in business.
> She was affable charming and the men found her fascinating.
> They hung on her every word because she was very savvy.  I was
> discouraged to hear a couple of women say that she was too aggressive
> and too much of a go getter.
> Question: Why can't women support other women?
I would not want to speak for other women, but it depends on the nuances
of *aggression*. I like assertiveness, but am offended by abrasiveness
-- too much like the old boys. I support other women because I don't
rely on men for my self-identity. From what I've seen in my workplace,
some women continue to set barriers for themselves and are afraid to be
assertive, for fear of losing their jobs or the respect of the men who
are in control. So it's not a matter of women supporting other women,
but women sharing the vision of other women. Edith

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