sexy science

Mr. W.Y. Chan wahchan at
Mon Mar 17 08:31:43 EST 1997

: I would be interested in hearing from the group how you feel about the
: use of the word "sexy" to describe science or a particular project or field
: in science.  This adjective is pretty common it seems to me, but I have
: only heard it used by males, never by women.  I personally do not like
: hearing it, although I have never said anything when it gets used.  At least
: for me when I hear men say this, I imagine it conjurs up images of women 
: with not many clothes on; what is "hot" and what "sells".  Although I 
: may find science exciting and thrilling I do not think of it as sexy.

: Anyone else care to share thoughts? Do people think I am over sensitive? 

: Anita 

I don't often used the word "sexy" to describe something which is very good
but that maybe my upbringing or partly to do with my education, though I
had used the term "dogs boll*cks"  when in the company of people I know
very well by never to strangers. I guess some people might find the word
"exciting" and "thrilling" equally offensive as "sexy".


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