Women Executives

Mr. W.Y. Chan wahchan at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Mar 18 05:52:52 EST 1997

sunny N stewart (sunnyesq at ix.netcom.com) wrote:
: I have just met the most amazing woman.  She is the newly appointed
: Vice President of Startegic Development for AXIOM Biotechnologies.  She
: gave me the courage to try and go out there and make it in business. 
: She was affable charming and the men found her fascinating.  

: They hung on her every word because she was very savvy.  I was
: discouraged to hear a couple of women say that she was too aggressive
: and too much of a go getter.  

: Question: Why can't women support other women?

When the UK had its first female Prime Minister back in the late 70s and in the
eighties a many women at first thought the same and that she would promote
women's issue and interest in politics but she never did and party policies
was her only concern. Its seems men and women who succeed in their field
tend to stick to the underlining principle of their job knowing full well
that rocking the boat and taking personal interest above that of the company
(unless he/she owns it) won't get them very far. It is in a way a kind of
"old boys/girls network" and it can have negative effect on those who are
not members of this exclusive club though normally the real boss almost
always not part of this network, he of course has his own club at his
"Ivory castle".


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