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Tue Mar 25 23:26:20 EST 1997

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>I'm fairly new to this newsgroup, but I've been impressed with the quality
>of responses that requests for advice have received in the past, so I
>thought this might be a good place to turn now that I need advice. My
>problem/question is rather lengthy and involved, so I apologize in advance,
>but I really need some OBJECTIVE advice.


Laura,  all I can suggest is that you lodge an official complaint about the 
way he has handled this with as many bodies as you can.  It all sounds 
disgraceful and he deserves to be brought back into line.  If there is a 
postgraduate organisation at your uni, you can make enquiries as to whether 
they are able to help you, or at least direct you to the appropriate places to 
make a complaint.  One of the labs in the department where I did my Honours 
year was banned from taking new students for 3 years due to the poor way they 
treated their students, so it's worth making your feelings known.  If you 
consider the research professor you mentioned a close enough confidante, maybe 
you could discuss it with her.  No-one should have to put up with supervision 
that is that bad.

Good luck!


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