Salaries with a Masters Degree

Tony Zhang zhangt at MSKCC.ORG
Thu Mar 27 16:56:52 EST 1997

I am currently a Research Technician at a major cancer center in 
Manhattan.  I have been working here for ~5 years, while attending 
graduate school at night.  This May, I will complete my Master's degree 
and I have begun looking for a new job.  Right now, I earn in the low 
30's a year, and I am wondering if I have "peaked" in my career as far 
as salaries go.  So far, all responses I have thus far received offer to 
pay around the same thing I am currently earning.  (35K was the tops).  
This was even for Sr. level technical jobs, and not only in academic 
centers but in private industry as well.  Am I out of line to be wanting 
to earn more than this?  I understand that in industry, even if I start 
at the same level, there is more potential for growth, not just in 
salary, but in responsibility, etc.  Is this true?  Meanwhile, while my 
boss is happy that I have pursued a higher education, my Master's here 
is getting me a big fat zero.  (This is not his fault, he has no say in 
money matters.)  What should my expectations be?

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