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Plasma Jack plasmajack at mail.ez-sys.net
Wed Mar 26 19:30:10 EST 1997


I am helping my wife in her Jafra business. We are selling the
"Royal Jelly Milk balm Moisture Lotion (1 fl. oz.)" for an awsome
$40 for 1st time orders- no quanity limits.  Thats $20 off the 
reg. sell price!!

Here is a list of products & prices that we are selling.
With your order, You will also receive an up to date catalog.


1. Basic Set ($58) ($62 w/time protector) Worth $65.50 to 71.50
   INCLUDES: Cleanser, skin freshner, mask, day moisturizer,
             Night Moisterizer or time protector (replaces day
	     /night moistuerizers) and a special bag.

2. Essential Set ($95) ($99 w/Time protector Worth $143.50 to 
   INCLUDES: Products in the BASIC SET + optimeyes eye treatment, 
             skin firming complex, Rediscover alpha hydroxy 
             complex and special bag.

3. Royal Set ($185) ($189 w/ Time protector) worth $303.75 to 
   INCLUDES: Includes products in the ESSENTIAL SET + Royal Jelly
             Milk Balm moister lotion, Royal Jelly body complex, 
             Supertone makeup face powder, eyeshadow trio, powder 
             blush, long lasting moisterizing lipstick and a Royal
             set bag.


SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: (Add $3.50 for S & H on these orders)

Cleanser Fromula			$12
Skin Freshner Formula (8.4 fl. oz.)  	$12.50
Mask (2.5 fl. oz.)			$12
Day Moisturizer Formula			$14.50
Night Moisterizer Formula		$14.50


SPECIAL CARE PRODUCTS: (Add $3.50 for S & H on these orders)

Extra Care Creame Unscented (.5 oz)	$7
Eye Makeup Remover Gel (.75 oz)		$8
Eye Revitalizing Concentrate (.75 oz)	$16
Gentle Exfoliating Scrub (2.5 oz)	$12
Optimeyes Eye Treatment (.5 oz)		$18
Rediscover, Alpha Hydroxy (1 fl. oz)	$30
Royal Jelly Milk Balm Moister lotion	$40 (reg. $60) 1 fl. oz.
Skin Firming Complex 1 fl. oz.		$30
Time Protector (1.7 oz)			$35


BODY CARE PRODUCTS: (Add $3.50 fo S & H)

Royal Jelly Body Complex (7.0 oz)	$50
Royal Jelly Body Lotion (8.4 oz)	$45
Royal Almond Bath & Shower Gel (7 oz) 	$12.50 
Royal Almond Body Lotion (8 fl oz)	$17
Royal Almond body oil (8 fl oz)		$17
Royal Almond foming bath oil (8 fl oz)	$13

All I can Say is this Royal Almond and Jelly stuff drives me crazy!
When my wife brought this stuff home- she smelled so good. I don't
know much about makeup, but I think this stuff is worth spending
the money on my wife!


Any questions or special request, please E-Mail me and I will have 
Wife return the message.  Her name is Jessica.

In the Subject box, please put JAFRA" so I can filter my messages
Thanx!! Plasma JAck 

plasmajack at mail.ez-sys.net

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