Scientific writing - we vs. I

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Thu Mar 27 04:46:05 EST 1997

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> (whatever that is in English). In my masters thesis, I circumvented the problem 
> by using the passive voice, which in German is okay, but in English sounds 
> awful, at least to me. 

This seems odd to me.  I was trained to always use the passive ("this was
done", not "I did") in writing.  I was told that we are reporting results, not
"tooting our own horns" about what ingenious people we are to have come up with
this experimental design.  To me, both "I did" and "We did" sound silly, even

I know this is considered outdated by some (boy, does it make me feel old!),
but I've not seen a reason to change.  I feel the same about grammer.

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