Advise needed

Marie Frances T. Bautista bautista at ALLEGHENY.EDU
Sat Mar 29 12:04:12 EST 1997

	Hello!  I was just going through user groups and found that women
were exchanging advise on here.  I hope someone will respond to me.
	I am a third year premedical student at a well known medical
university but a not well known undergraduate program.  I had transferred
here from a liberal arts college.  I have established myself here and now
have a leadership position as Vice-Pres of the Premedical Society.  I work
for the School of Public Health in which I have had a paper published,
have volunteer experience, and medically related experiences.  Now, my
moral is very low because certain qualified individuals are not getting
into our medical school.  People in our program all believe that it is the
fault of our program. I being in a leadership position feel the burn!

	Frances T. Bautista, Pre-Med
	Allegheny University
        "The twentieth century will be remembered chiefly not as an age 
         of political conflicts and technical inventions, but as an age in
         which human society dared to think of the health of the whole
         human race as a practical objective." -Arnold Toynbee
	"Trust. We are not born with an instinct to trust. Trust must be
	earned, trust must be proven. We earn it with integrity, we prove 	
	it with sound advice. Trust is the ultimate measure of our success."	
						-Dean Witter Commercial

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