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Mon Mar 31 02:29:55 EST 1997

How to find a rich partner and share his or her wealth. 
Rich or poor, most people are not happy, and they are in search of some
medium to make their soul soar and their heart beat in desire of the
moments, and many will give their belonging for the feeling. I exactly
and completely do not know what can fill that longing and emptiness but
I found one medium which can fill that craving and can soothe any mind
and penetrate into any heart.

 I tried the system on AOL, The result was phenomenal. In a month I
could have selected More partner than I could ever handle.From every 100
subject ( male and female) 95 of them were mine to pick from. what was
the secret? 
In my research I found out that nothing in the world can replace words,
nothing can penetrate and devastate a mind more than a honest simple
sentence. Smell of words can be stronger than any exotic flower or can
hurt like a thorne. All the flowers in the world can not replace the
right words and all the gold and silvers can not have  the slightest 
effect they have on the psych. You have tried many bucket of expensive
flowers, many expensive gift, to get attention of your favorite person,
now try these and experience with them. Right words can fertilize any
unfertile mind, with the dream of your presence, and can change a night
marish life to sweet dream of future and fresh grass of the spring. If
you use the right wording, if you say the right thing you can attract
any one's attention, rich or poor, you can bring them to their knees and
cultivate the desire of your companionship in their mind and add sweet
memory to the wealth of your joyous memories. What is the secret? 
The words?
 Send for my collection and try them, They can replace any bucket of
flower or any expensive present, because they mesmerise the mind and
grab your favorite medium attention like a strong magnet.They open any
locked door and soften any heart, the heart of your dream woman or man,
the heart of the wealthy or poor. They are like dagger guided correctly
they penetrate and captivate, try them on actors, actoress, powerfull
wealthy man and women, old or young, and see the effect for yourself.
They make any heart to recite your name and beat in desire of the melody
of your voice.
 To order:
First, you need have to sign and date this order form that, you will not
abuse or misuse them and you would not cause pain in other's life by
their use but you will use them as a tool to attract attention of those
you desire for friendshop and partnership (permanenet or temporary).You
are completely responsible for any good or bad outcome result from
utilization of these literature.
Second: You accept that these are only for your personal use, any
commercial use of these is prhibited and all the commerial right belong
to the author.

Please print this order form and sign and date it:

To order:
Send $35 dollars check or money order to the following address: Please
include your E-mail address because thay will be send to you by E-mail .
If you would like to receive them by mail add $10 postage and handling
to the price ( outside US $15 postage and handling). With this price you
will receive 20 of my top samples which first of all will mesmorize
yourself and fill your heart with healing, hope, and heavenly love.
If ordering by check, Your order will be delaid until your check is


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