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lizzard lizzard at webworldinc.com
Mon Mar 31 23:38:05 EST 1997

ejohnson at indiana.edu (elizabeth lee johnson) wrote:

>: >
>: This may help a lot.  Any suggestions though for a name that still means 
>: something to people searching the newsgroups looking for a female 
>: perspective on science?
>The postings were also sent to the WISENET Listserv mailing list so I doubt
>that a compromise name which both discourages the postings and encourages
>the people searching for a female perspective is possible.  I think it's best
>to just ignore these posts -- in my experience, moderation limits interaction
>since it introduces a delay into the process.  
>Liz Johnson

I have to agree with Liz (and that's not because I'm biased since we
have the same name :-) ).  You can pretty much tell from the title
what the post will be about.  I also found the group while browsing
through the bionet newsgroups and probably wouldn't have subscribed if
the name of the group hadn't caught my eye.  I like the title of this
group, anything too cryptic would miss the point.

Liz Head


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