aloisia schmid a-schmi at uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 1 22:47:19 EST 1997

I have a new problem and i would appreciate some advice.

I went to a meeting recently and had a really tense afternoon at the final
poster session, where I happened to be presenting my own poster.  There
was a woman two posters down from mine who happened to be clued in to a
rather uncomfortable aspect of my personal life and she was intent on
hanging around my poster, trying to get me to admit something that she
could use as gossip....it was EXTREMELY disconcerting.  

This went on for a good long time.  That evening we had our final meeting
dinner together and I drank quite a bit too much wine and said quite a few
things I regret.  One of the people at my table was quite prominent and
now I am mortified with embarrassment.  

So my question is.....do I write to this person and apologize for poor
judgement?   If not, how do I quit beating myself up over this?

I said some amazingly stupid things....


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