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I'm a writer (and former scientist) working on an article for The
Scientist's upcoming special issue on women in science. The subject: how
attending/organizing/presenting at scientific meetings can boost female
scientists' careers. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone about their
experiences, and particularly with regard to the following issues: 

--Have you found participating in meetings to be useful in promoting your
own career? How so? I'm especially interested in hearing from graduate
students who have just begun attending meetings, and from postdocs or
junior faculty who have recently given their first invited presentation at
a national/international meeting. 

--Do you think women scientists have substantially different experiences at
meetings than men? Might attending meetings, for example, be more (or less)
crucial to a woman's career than to a man's, and if so, why? 

-- Some female scientists I've spoken to have observed that relatively few
women get invited to speak at meetings, and especially to give keynote
addresses.  If you agree, why do you think this is so?  If you can think of
a woman who has given a particularly memorable talk at a recent meeting,
I'd appreciate any contact information you could provide (her name,
affiliation, meeting at which she presented, topic and--if you know
it--phone/email address). 

If you think this subject bears discussion on your newsgroup, you may wish
to respond to the group. Otherwise, please respond directly to me, Alison
Mack, at the following address: 

amack at

The story will run in the November 24 issue of The Scientist. 

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