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What and how we do things do reflect on our professions, however, who
we are as people and what we accomplish through fair and honest
research will make more of a mark, than whether we are out surfin and
chasing women...etc

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Wildcatz <abe at U.Arizona.EDU> writes: 
>> Just as athletes are role models to some, scientists are role models
>> others. What we do reflects on our profession.
>I think this is a very important point, perhaps getting at the heart
>all the recent posts on this thread.  I also think that (from the
>perspective of an undergrad, and not-yet professional scientist) the
>quality/personality of the scientists you are in contact with does
play an
>important role in one's interest in the field.  My father is a
>with the Geological Survey, and ever since I was a little kid, has
>encouraged me to explore and think critically about the world around
>and always had time for me to ask why and how.  Then I had a fantastic
>teachert in 5th and 6th grade who was an amateur marine biologist and
>salt water aquariums in his classroom and did a lot of hands-on
>with the students.  That's when I fell in love with biology. 
>I am not heading particularly in the direction of marine bio because I
>felt that would restrict my career options more than a terrestrial
>would... but I think i will always be a marine biologist at heart. 
>my Junior year in high school, when I was talking Advanced Placement
>Biology... the teacher I had was definitely an interesting individual,
>knew an hell of a lot, but wasn't necessarily the best teacher I've
>had.  I got completely turned off to science by that.  
>I think irregardless of your chosen profession, you act an a role
model to
>other people every moment of every day.  Not to say that you have to
be on
>your best behavior 24-7, or even that you need to carefully stay
>the narrow path that is society's accepted behavior.  You just need to
>careful about what you are showing and teaching others.
>Anne Eychaner
>abe :)
>"Trust but verify"
>   -Russian Proverb

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