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aloisia schmid (a-schmi at wrote:
: Someone from the New Scientist asked whether meetings were as good for
: women's careers as they appear to be for men's careers.  If not, why not?
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: Anyway, what DO men get out of meetings?

: I think men leave the meeting feeling motivated and excited.  They feel
: they have won alot of little battles.  They've made a name for themselves
: in the trenches and they are warriors.  They are people to be reckoned
: with.  They have appraoched the science with a focus on the science and
: have learned alot.  Women leave meetings feeling inadequate and wonder if
: they really have what it takes and shouldn't they be considering other
: careers right about now----after all, who are they kidding. Look at all
: these people!  There is no way that she/we/I can compete.  Often they have
: been so intimidated, they have managed to retain little of the
: information.  Men HAVE formed collaborations--in some cases even outlined
: the projects.  I think women are more likely to have established the
: initial connections that might make collaborations possible later.  

When I leave a meeting, I usually feel very "motivated and excited." I
never viewed this as a predominantly male reaction to a meeting! Sometimes
I do get down about the slow progress of my own research, but
then I go to a meeting and become excited and energized and return to the
lab with all sorts of new ideas and am ready to work harder than ever in
good spirits. At a meeting I went to this summer, one of my main goals in
attending was to find collaborators. I was helped by my abstract being
chosen for a talk rather than poster presentation, so I was indeed more
"visible." I came away with some good contacts and have been collaborating
with one of them for the last couple of months. For me, attending meetings
is really an essential part of doing science, and I look upon them as a
positive experience, one that can teach me a lot and help further my



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