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Laura Chung lac6m at
Mon Oct 6 10:52:50 EST 1997

Hello to all,

	I have been lurking on this group for a while and this
is my first post, so please excuse any mistakes.  First, I have
to thank all the people who interact on this group for raising
pertinent questions on working in science and the helpful
discussions that result.  Many topics are near and dear to my
heart but are not generally discussed by most scientists.  

	There is one topic about conferences that I have not
seen and would like to know what members of the group think
about it.  There seen to be some people who attend conferences
with the idea that this is a good time to find a new bed
partner.  I am not talking about an extended and serious
relationship, but a short, "why not have some fun while the SO
is not around" type of thing.  At times these people can be
very aggressive and will use tactics to get what they want
("you know, I can really help your career", "I'm organizing a
meeting, maybe you can be a speaker", etc.).  

	What is the best way of handling this type of thing?
It does not happen often, but when it does, I usually feel a
little dirty afterwards (needless to say, all requests of this
type are turned down - I go to meetings to work and do science,
not screw around).  I would like to hear about the experiences
of others with this.  One of the greatest things about this
group is knowing that others are also having similar problems
and thoughts.  You can't solve a problem until you acknowledge
it exists.

	Thanks again for this wonderful group.

Laura Ann Chung
Assistant Prof. of Research
Univ. of Virginia Biochemistry Dept.
lac6m at

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