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|> >I've been following the meetings discussion for the last few days, 
|> >and now want to add some "cumulated" comments.
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|> >To start with the last point that came up here I -- I have never experienced
|> >people making passes at conferences. However, this might be due to the small
|> >number of women in my field. I admit having heard people mention that 
|> >"conferences might be a good place to meet women", only to get laughed at by
|> >male colleagues that probably a physics conference might be the wrong sort of
|> >conference for this endeavour. 
|> Sabine-Would that this were so.  My grad school roommate was in physics. 
|> She also happens to be a good-looking woman.  Poor Jennifer couldn't turn
|> around without having men hit on her.  She managed it with good humor and
|> usually stayed away from dating fellow physics students.  We didn't have
|> an answering machine in our apartment, so I wound up taking numerous
|> messages for her from smitten male physicists (and other males) over the
|> years.
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Well, as I said in my original post -- maybe Europeans are slightly more 
relaxed about this (any fellow Europeans here wanting to comment on that?).
However, I also think that there's a difference between school (well, we're
still growing up in this period, although I thought by the time we reach grad
school we should have grown up in the field of relations) and a professional

I'd also say that there is always a fine line between flirting (involving 
both parties) and people make passes at others (involving only one party).
My impressions so far are that Europeans seem to have an easier time 
recognizing this line -- but again, this might be a very personal view 
of these things. 


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