thesis supervisor as co-author?

Cassandra Smith clsmith at DARWIN.BU.EDU
Sun Oct 12 18:48:34 EST 1997

Co-authorship is very complicated. You give very few details about
your situation. Certainly you should discuss this with your
advisor. But you should realize that coauthors contribute can
contribute to research project in different ways. 

For instance, You did not indicate where the orginal idea for the
research came from and whether the advisor has helped intellectually
along the way. I presume but I am not sure that you have a fellowship.
That in itself does no constitute single authorship...alot of stuff
goes into making a project work. Certainly granting agencies want to
know what work was supported by their money and this is judged by
publications. Sometimes these issues get very
complicated. Furthermore, although it would seem that it is
appropriate and politic to be generous in coauthorship, I have seen
alot of people not given credit for their contributions, even
experiments, and in many cases these have involved women. 

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