thesis supervisor as co-author?

Brian W. Tague taguebw at
Sun Oct 12 09:55:22 EST 1997

This topic has been discussed a bit before on this newsgroup. One point
that come out of that discussion is that there are some differences in
subfields of biology when in comes to assigning authorships. 

In fields like molecular, cellular, biochemistry (maybe "bench" sciences
in general) the trend seems to be that the PI of the lab is included on
the paper in all cases. Even if the PI had little input into the
experiments, if nothing else he/she funded the research. (And certainly
they should read the paper before it goes out...)

In more field oriented research (ecology, evolutionary studies,
systematics), I does not seem to be the practice that PI's are listed as
authors unless they had a more direct input into the research.

I've seen this during facutly job searches. Having come from a molecular
background, I was surprised looking at the folders of applicants to an
evolutionary biologist position to find that many of them had sole
authorships as graduate students and post-docs. In my experience, this
is *never* the case in molecular, cellular, etc.

My 2 electrons,


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