Any thoughts on NAGPS and AWIS?

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>Greetings all,
>I have heard about the National Association of Professional and Graduate
>Students (NAGPS) through a forwarded email about them trying to stop
>the government from taxing tuition waivers and the Association of Women
>in Science (AWIS) through other friends.
>I was wondering if anybody belonged to either/both organizations, and
>could comment on them.  Emails to this address would be welcomed if you
>do not wish to comment openly on them (I will not pass on what you tell
>me), or if you simply do not want Big Brother, er, DejaNews, from 
>capturing your thoughts for posterity.
>Mildly paranoid,
>Karen K.
Karen-When I was in my grad school activist days, our Graduate Student
Council (which wasn't an official student governance organization at the
time) was part of NAGPS.  I thought they were a good group.  I went to two
of their national meetings and came home with lots of ideas to shake
things up.  I should add that this was 6 years ago, and I haven't had time
to keep up with them since.

Curiously, with all of the colleges, universities, and research facilities
here in town, Greensboro does not have a chapter of AWIS.  There is one in
Winston-Salem, in which a friend of mine is active.  I tend to be too much
of a joiner, so it's probably a good thing there isn't one in town.  

Not as paranoid as I should be,

C.J. Fuller
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