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Tue Oct 14 14:59:56 EST 1997

> > Karen Kustedjo (kujo at
> > I have heard about the National Association of Professional and
> > Graduate
> > Students (NAGPS) through a forwarded email about them trying to stop
> > the government from taxing tuition waivers and the Association of
> > Women
> > in Science (AWIS) through other friends.
> > 
> > I was wondering if anybody belonged to either/both organizations, and
> > could comment on them.

When I was in graduate school I belonged to both, AWIS and that  national
association of graduate and professional students.  I thought AWIS was
excellent.  I went to a couple of meetings in Atlanta, but stopped because
of the time commitments.  But the newsletter is great and I think they are
an excellent organizaiton.  I think the problems of women in science that
they might like to focus on are both subtle and large and so it is
difficult for the group to focus on feasible projects aimed at improving
things.  But they DO focus on early education and given that that is
something people here have talked about (in the thread on service to the
community), that may be something you find rewarding.

The NAGPS groups was less useful I thought.  They are primarily concerned
with seeing that graduate students receive health insurance ( evry
worthwhile endeavor!) and a reaosnable stipend, but they suffer from the
fact that people aren't graduate students forever, and inevitably lose
interest int he group.  So I found that group not to be very worthwhile. 
Maybe jsut my opinion.

                  Good luck!


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