aloisia schmid a-schmi at
Fri Oct 17 17:15:16 EST 1997

Congratulations Sabine!  Isn't it great that people are updating one
another this way?  I for one really enjoy these stories....

also, I wanted to mention that it is so often true isn't it, that it seems
things are at an all-time LOW, that they couldn't possibly get much owrse,
that people couldn't possibly think you were stupider, that your work
couldn't be going worse, that apparently the only not stretched to its
maximum was how big your thighs could get......and then, miraculously,
things turn around!  

It's only too bad that it is so hard to remember that, when you are in the
middle of the down time, and have no idea when a good period will
begin.....So maybe that's why these stories are so up-lifting!

               Anyway, Congratulations Sabine!  Even though I AM jealous about



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