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Sabine Dippel sabine at hlrz28.zam.kfa-juelich.de
Fri Oct 17 03:14:56 EST 1997

Hi there!

I thought I'd give you an update on what happened since I voiced my 
frustrations about academic jobs and said I would look for a job in 

Well, I went through a pretty awful phase. In the beginning, I got 
only rejection letters, though I very carefully chose the jobs I applied
to and really invested a lot of time in resume, cover letter, etc. 
At the same time, the time drew nearer when I would be notified about
my grant acceptance or rejection. I am one of those people who, though
essentially optimistic, know that life is not always fair, so I worried
about what to do if neither the grant comes through nor my job applications 
succeed. Two weeks ago, I got so depressed about everything (and had a 
bad cold) that I ended up spending a whole day in bed (fighting off the 
cold) and crying half of the time. 

And then, all of a sudden, everything changed this week. Two days ago,
I was notified that I have a job interview -- for the job that sounded 
most interesting of all those I applied to. It is even a job in research --
industrial research in a big company, in a field not related to what I am 
doing now, but related to some internships I did and really liked, so I have
an idea about what to expect. Then, yesterday, I also was notified that my
grant proposal has been approved of. 

So now I am in the lucky position of knowing that I do not have to worry 
about my next job -- if the interview comes out bad, or if I feel it is not
at all what I expect the job to be, I'll simply do my post-doc (after all, 
it's in Paris ;-) ). I can go there and be relaxed (though certainly I am 
preparing for it very carefully) and even have the advantage of some 
opportunities to "practice" before, because the week before I am attending
a workshop by a consulting firm that's trying to attract scientists for 
a consulting career (which I don't think is the right thing for me, but 
to know that I have to find out what it would be like) and the day before
the interview I am giving an invited talk at another institute. Besides, 
I am going to hand in my thesis next week. I am as happy as can be, because
now I feel I have _choices_ and not as if I am being pushed around by the 
"people in power" (meaning anything from human resources departments to 
grant-granting bodies).

I'll keep you updated on where I'll end up,



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