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JuneKK junekk at aol.com
Mon Oct 20 12:28:55 EST 1997

I, too, add my thanks to Mary Ann Sesma, Susan, and all others who have
 commented on this thread.  

I think it is important to consider that although there is no question that
 gender bias still exists in science as well as in many other fields that
 things ARE changing.  If nothing else, it certainly must be acknowledged that
 generally speaking,  overt prejudice is not tolerated in today's culture and
 can be considered, "politically incorrect".  Does it still happen- yes, of
 course, but things are changing...

I also have to say that I'm uncomfortable with terms like "old boy" systems
 because I think it infers that all "old boys" are clicky and biased; clearly
 not true...I feel that it also empowers those "old boys" who ARE biased by
 giving them this title that makes it sound as though they are all powerful and
 ever-present.  This can make many aspiring women scientists feel very overcome
 by the present situation, and I don't think, it is necessarily accurate
 (depends on the situation...)...

June Kume-Kick, Ph.D.

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