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> I going to be giving a workshop to undergrads & grad students on how to 
> give a poster/paper. Can you please tell me the top 5 pieces of advice 
> that you give friends or students about giving a great presentation? 
> This will most likely be given to students who have little presentation 
> experience. 
> Thanks!
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Dear Aztec Princess!

For posters:

1.  you ought to be able to get the gist of the psoter without having to read
the words.  You ought to be able to look at the figures and determine what
was done and what the data was.  You shouldn't have to rely on verbal

2.  Each panel should be a self-contained uint, and yet part of the
logical flow.

3.  Make things easy to read from a 5 foot distance.

4.  Always list conclusions and future directions.

5.  Be careful with unpublished data.

For talks:

1.  Practice.  Practice. Practice.

2.  Make your slides BRIGHT and EASY TO READ.  Slides that you do not
expect the audience to be able to see have no business in the talk (things
like sequence, etc.)  In place of that, which is nothing but annoying, you
could have a transitional or otherwise informative slide.  

3.  Each slide should have a title at the top.  Each title should be a
point in your talk.  

4.  Speak slowly, concisely, loudly and clearly.

5.  Anticipate questions and be prepared ---like with extra slides at the end. 
Don't be coy of course---this is appropriate only for the more esoteric
points that might not necessarily be relevant to the main part of the talk
but which might still make for intersting discussion afterwards.

            Good luck!

                     Alice Schmid

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