On the poster/presentation thread...

Thu Oct 23 10:30:15 EST 1997

>I've been reading the past posts and there are some great suggestions 
>there that
>I'll be adding to my thesis proposal - coming Dec 16th (AGHHHHH!). One 
>though - because of the nature of a PhD student proposal, there are 
>many MANY
>large areas of unknown information. I'm thinking of future experiments,
>potential pitfalls, etc. How do you deal w/ them? Should you list all 
>potential probems on a slide (and still pass the exam)? I have figured 
>out how
>to handle the preliminary data, but it feels like there are so many 
>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
>Robyn Temple
>currently frantic doctoral canidate 
>SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn

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