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Thu Oct 23 14:32:47 EST 1997

>Sure, I understand students following PI's wishes.  My own biases come
>from those of my thesis advisor, partly.  All her slides were on white
>backgrounds, and she also insisted on using black and white film for
>black and white data (instead of the color film used by most slide
>labs), because the background from black and white film was even
>whiter.  At first I grumbled to myself (when I had to redo my slides
>*yet again*, and have the guy at the photo lab look at me funny when I
>asked for black and white film), but now I notice, too.

I think, as  has been pointed out, that it may be technology driven.  My 
husband shoots his own black and white slides on a camera stand, because 
that's what he has (and his autorads do look nice because he chooses the 
right film-I believe the white background you mention comes from High 
Contrast film-and develops it himself, but he has to generate the 
templates, etc).

I, on the other hand, generate the same image on a phosphoimager 
(already digital data), transfer the image to a slide program (Power 
Point, or Canvas or Photoshop) and then shoot the electronic images on a 
computer slide maker-which takes one kind of color film. While the 
techno way is  much faster and allows you more flexibility, I agree you 
lose some clarity.  So, a question.  We don't  have a "slide lab"-we 
have a departmental machine that anyone can use.  The instructions for 
use say to only put a certain type of color film in because that's the 
way the computer program is configured.  Can one configure it for  black 
and white, or do I have to shoot my own slides with a camera (old 
technology :) ) to get B&W?
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