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Thu Oct 23 10:24:48 EST 1997

>I've been reading the past posts and there are some great suggestions 
>there that
>I'll be adding to my thesis proposal - coming Dec 16th (AGHHHHH!). One 
>though - because of the nature of a PhD student proposal, there are 
>many MANY
>large areas of unknown information. I'm thinking of future experiments,
>potential pitfalls, etc. How do you deal w/ them? Should you list all 
>potential probems on a slide (and still pass the exam)? I have figured 
>out how
>to handle the preliminary data, but it feels like there are so many 
>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
>Robyn Temple
>currently frantic doctoral canidate 
>SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn

I want  to second Robyn's request.  Hopefully within a month of Robyn's 
proposal, I'll be  defending my thesis, and there are some differences 
in the nature of a thesis talk which I'm curious  about.  For instance, 
there's some work being done by a technician in the lab that adds 
insight to my own work-is it legit to use a slide of her data (properly 
acknowledged) to make my story flow better, or should every data slide 
be my own? 

I also know some of the classic  questions ("knowing what you know now, 
what would you have  done differently?" or "what other ways could you 
have approached this  problem?", or "what's the next experiment that 
should be done?") but I'd like to hear some others favorite "end of 
thesis questions".

And one more-there's a lot of stuff I did that didn't pan out.  I've 
seen people present this kind of negative data, perhaps to show "how 
much work they did".  Since I'm going to have no trouble filling an 
hour, I don't need to do this, but should I mention any of this, or only 
if it comes up in questions?

Equally frazzled,
Julia Frugoli
Dartmouth College

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Texas A&M University
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