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S L Forsburg forsburg at nospamsalk.edu
Fri Oct 24 13:06:37 EST 1997

Answering my own question..... I have discovered that the ASCB 
(American Society for Cell Biology) newsletters are on line at 

There is a regular column from the Women in Cell Biology (WICB)
 committee on a variety of topics of interest to women 
on this list. One particularly relevant to our discussions
  on why women leave  academia between grad school 
and professoriate is at
and a column on gender bias in teaching evaluations,
which came up in another thread can be found at

The WICB section editor, Laura Williams, does a terrific
job with this monthly column, and the discussions
are relevant to all women in science, not just cell biologists.
It is well-referenced as well, if you are inspired to read

Another on-line resource is a recent book on mentoring
published by the NAS/NAE committee on education (COSEPUP).
Hard copies are arriving in PI mailboxes, I've noticed, but
the book is also on the web and of interest to anyone
seeking a mentor, or mentoring, or doing both.  It is at

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